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Twin Lens Camera System

A3514 / A1110

Twin Lens Systems
multi-view vehicle camera system, 1 camera 2 views
Twin Graphic Top.jpg

Our Twin Lens camera system is a traditional design that has been utilised for motorhome applications for many years. However, we are pleased to be able to provide the same camera with a separate TX (transmitter) to enable the camera to also be utilised on caravans, or trailers. The relatively compact and stylish camera (black or white case) includes 2 high quality lenses, which produce two views; a 'look-down' view when reversing and a 'look-back' view when travelling forwards. High quality 1.3MP lens and stainless steel case. The 'look-down' view is displayed/triggered when reversing - trigger connection needs connecting to the reverse light circuit etc.

Why Twin Lens?


  • Dual Lens

  • 7 inch Monitor (built in RX/Receiver for Caravan version)

  • Choice of camera case colours (white or black)


  • Single Camera with two views

  • Neat installation/best viewing location (caravan or motorhome)

  • Suitable for all vehicles / caravans

'Look-Down' View

multi-view vehicle camera system, 1 camera 2 views

'Look-Back' View

multi-view vehicle camera system, 1 camera 2 views

How Twin Lens Systems Work

For motorhome etc installation the monitor is connected to power and a cable connects it to the camera. The monitor is also connected to a reverse gear 'trigger' (reverse light circuit etc) and the view automatically changes when reversing.

For caravan installation, the Camera is connected to power and to the reversing light for the 'down' view/trigger. The separate TX is also powered and transmits both views (back or down) to the DW Monitor with built in RX/Receiver, which is utilised in the tow vehicle (powered via a Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter). The caravan version could also be easily retro-fitted to a motorhome.

Twin Graphic Top.jpg
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