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Digi-View2™ is the latest version of the UK's original digital wireless (DW) camera system, Digi-View™, which featured the very latest technology and set the standard for future DW technology. Digi-View2™ builds on this solid foundation and incorporates improved resolution ('HD'), a larger screen and split-screen viewing options.   

The system includes everything you will need to operate a wireless camera / (&/or reversing camera) system with any type of vehicle or machinery (12V/24V). The system incorporates digital technology, ensuring that it can be used at the same time as Bluetooth devices, or wireless networks, interference free. The colour LCD monitor can be used with up to 2 cameras, including a reversing camera. The monitor can display an individual camera, or 2 cameras at the same time 'split-screen'.

Why Digi-View2™?


  • Digital wireless 30fps and 'AHD' resolution

  • Utilise with up to two waterproof IP69K cameras

  • 4.2" Monitor 

  • 12V/24V 


  • No video cable between the camera and monitor, 150m range

  • Utilise a camera for watching horses etc and a camera for reversing

  • Suitable for all applications

  • Camera battery pack also available

See Digi-View™ In Action
Digi-View2™ video coming soon...

How Digi-View2™ Works

Digi-View2™ is a 2.4Ghz digital wireless (DW) camera system; images are transmitted from the camera's built-in transmitter (TX) to the monitor's built-in receiver (RX). DW technology ensures that there is no interference from other wireless devices (Bluetooth etc). 

Trailer Vision offer a choice of different DW technologies, including standalone waterproof RX & TX, which can be utilised with our range of wired camera systems.

Horse Trailer Camera System
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