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360˚ Surround View Camera Systems

360˚ Surround View (SV) camera systems (AKA 'Birds-Eye' or 'Look-Down') provide a complete view around the vehicle and eliminate all blind-spots, which are proven to be the cause of the majority of accidents, especially when manoeuvring, or at slow speed. Mirrors and single view cameras help to reduce blind-spots but can only view a single area. This means that drivers have limited information, or need to scan several monitors/mirrors quickly before making decisions, often in busy and challenging environments.

SV systems provides a complete view around the vehicle, in real time, significantly improving vehicle safety and reducing driver workload.  

The easy to interpret 'look-down' display, is always displayed helping the driver to manoeuvre in difficult situations and ensuring excellent situational awareness. Additionally, the monitor also displays a single camera view, in the RH window, which is triggered automatically, i.e. a side-view camera is displayed when indicating, ensuring no blind-spots and aiding lane-change at high speeds etc.

Additionally, the rear camera is displayed when reversing (the rear camera is also the default view). Alternatively the monitor/system can be configured to display the 'look-down' view only. 


SV systems are usually supplied with a 4CH DVR (128GB SSD) ensuring that all incident/accident evidence is recorded, helping to reduce both false claims ('crash for cash') and insurance premiums.

Why 360° Surround View?


  • Surround view in a single image

  • Four cameras with ultra-wide angle lenses

  • Real-time 360° view, eliminates all blind spots

  • Utilise with a DVR for all around recording/evidence

  • Configurable 'look-down' view

  • Configurable and automatic individual camera views

  • Bespoke vehicle top view graphic (see below)


  • Reduced driver workload and improved safety

  • Eliminates all blind spots

  • Fast and smooth real time image display

  • Reduce insurance premiums/speed claims etc

  • The area displayed around the vehicle can be tailored to the operational requirements

  • Suitable for installation on any size/type of vehicle

  • Recognisable vehicle displayed on the monitor

rigid truck top view graphic .png
Tipper Top View Graphic
Vito Top View Graphic .png
Mixer Top View Graphic.png
Tractor Unit Top View Graphic.png

See Omni-Vue™ 360° Digital HD In Action

Captured on one of our high-quality DVRs, the footage to the right provides a great demonstration of the system's capabilities. 

How 360° Surround View Works

360º Surround View (SV) is an intelligent camera monitor system that utilises four ultra-wide angle cameras and an ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

The ECU seamlessly blends the four camera images together in order to present the driver with an easy to interpret view of the vehicle's surroundings, eliminating all blind spots. 

Trailer Vision offer a range of 360º SV technologies, all of which are calibrated to the vehicle. This ensures that the driver has a seamless view around the vehicle  as well as a more detailed individual camera view, when turning and reversing. 

360 degree Digital HD look-down camera system

Installation and Calibration

360 degree Digital 360 HD birds-eye camera system

360º SV camera systems can be installed on any type of vehicle or machine.


Once installed, systems are calibrated and a choice of default views are set, ensuring that the system can be configured to meet the user's requirements. 

In addition, the flexibility of surround view systems means that they can be utilised for both on and off-road applications. 

Choose Your Vehicle-Based Surround View System

omni-van, no key.png

Omni-Van™ 360°


  • 12V System for LCV's

  • 7" Dash or Mirror Mounted Monitor

  • No blind spots (& FORS compliant)

  • Utilise with a DVR for all round recording

360 degree Digital HD 360 birds-eye vehicle camera system

Omni-Vue™ 360° Digital HD


  • 720p Digital HD 360° four camera system

  • No blind spots

  • FORS/CLOCS etc compliancy

  • Utilise with a Digital HD DVR for all round recording

Choose Your Machine-Based Surround View System

Omni-Plant™ Digital HD 360 birds-eye camera system

Omni-Plant™ 360° Digital HD


  • 720p Digital HD 360° four camera system

  • No blind spots

  • SKANSKA/CLOCS etc compliancy

  • Utilise with a Digital HD DVR for all round recording

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