Multi-Vue™ is an innovative and compact single lens camera system that produces two views; a 'look-down' view when reversing and a 'look-back' view when travelling forwards. High quality 1.3MP lens and stainless steel case. The 'look-down' view is displayed/triggered when reversing - trigger connection needs connecting to the reverse light circuit etc.

Why Multi-Vue™


  • Dual view lens/cameras

  • 5 inch dash or 7 inch mirror mounted monitor

  • Choice of camera case styles


  • Single and compact lens/camera, with two views

  • Neat installation/best viewing location

  • Suitable for all vehicle types

'Look-Down' View

'Look-Back' View

How Multi-Vue™ Works

Multi-Vue™ is a wired camera system. The monitor is connected to power and a cable connects it to the camera. The monitor is also connected to a reverse gear 'trigger' (reverse light circuit etc) and the view automatically changes when reversing.

Trailer Vision also offer a choice of different Digital Wireless (DW) technologies, including standalone waterproof RX & TX, which can be utilised with our range of wired camera systems.

Trailer Vision

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