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John Jankowski, Omni-Vue™ 3D
& Installation Service

Jul 24

5 Stars

I had the Omni- Vue 360° surround view camera system fitted at Trailer Vision(Camos). It was a real pleasure to deal with Neil, he took the time to go round the Motorhome with me, and give sound advice as to where to mount the camera's and show me the choice of monitor's. The system was fitted by Kes, who kindly worked the weekend to fit me in at short notice. What a great friendly team they are at Camos, I can highly recommend them.



Mobilvetta K-Yacht
Mobilvetta K-Yacht Dashboard
Mobilvetta Motorhome

Andy Barnett, Omni-Vue™ 3D
& Installation Service

Jun 24

5 Stars

The 360 3D vision fitted to our Motorhome by Trailer Vision completely exceeded all expectations both as a driving aid and the for the quality of the installation. No more pulling out blind spots, no more difficult and risky park up manoeuvres, so many viewing options to choose from. Auto Views triggered by driving actions e.g. indicating. Prior to installation I was anxious about all the wires but I needn't have been, everything was fed down the Motorhome cavities and under the chassis.

2D Top & Left
3D Left
Top & 3D Rear
Carthago MH

Adrian Tolley, Omni-Vue™ 2D 
Jun 24

5 Stars

I have the Camos 360 degree camera system fitted to my motorhome and it is singularity the best product when it comes to safety when maneuvering. Neil and the team are the experts when it comes to supply and fitting.

Dethleff Motorhome
Dethleff Motorhome
Hymer Motorhome 360

Tony Lee, Omni-Vue™ 3D
& Installation Service

May 24

5 Stars

Just got an OmniVue 360 for my motorhome. Was such good service from everyone at Trailer Vision (Camos-UK) and the product is amazing and I feel it adds another layer of safety when driving and also security too, as it can record when I leave the vehicle. Thanks so much!

7" Monitor
3D Reversing View
Adria Motorhome

Philip Mills, Omni-Vue™ 3D
& Installation Service

May 24

5 Stars

Really impressed with Trailer Vision (Camos-UK) professional team, from first contact through to fitting and explaining how the system works. First class installation inside & outside my Motorhome. I would highly recommend them to install your 360 degree vision system.

7" Monitor Top Rear View
Top & 3D Rear View
Parking View
Adria Matrix

Roy Howland, Omni-Vue™ 3D
& Installation Service

Mar 24

5 Stars

Great system. Great service. Great staff.
Well impressed with all aspects of 360deg system and Trailer Vision Ltd. Altough the system is not cheap it's very professionally installed and a valuable piece of kit for reducing the risk of minor bumps at blind spots. Plus it's effectively 4 dash cams and worth paying to protect an expensive vehicle (a motor home in this instance).

Carthago Monitor 3D Front View
Carthago Motorhome Front
Carthago Liner For 2
Carthago Liner Monitor

John Reynolds, Omni-Vue™ 3D
& Installation Service

Feb 24

5 Stars

I recently clipped the rear bumper of my motorhome when it swung out while parking in a confined space. The repair cost is going to be nearly three times the cost of a Camos Omni-View system

It’s a no brainer from the word go. Added to the excellent service experience of a company that knows what they are doing, I can highly recommend this safety extra.

I’m repeating previous commentators but it really does give you so much visibility around the van so as to eliminate those stressful carve ups on roundabouts and manoeuvring out of smaller service stations.
In addition it provides unrefutable evidence for insurance companies following damage caused by careless or criminal driving.

You can see EXACTLY what is going on all around the vehicle. When parked up it can be run from leisure batteries and serve as CCTV security.

It also provides important redundancy should a careless HGV driver take out a wing mirror.

Hymer Front Camera
Full Rear View

Cliff Gregory, Omni-Vue™ 3D
& Installation Service

Feb 24

5 Stars

Had the 360 degree HD camera system fitted to my Swift Ascari motorhome over the last 2 days at their spotless workshop in Yaxley. Neil and his team were very welcoming, talked through the process and offered options - we chose and recommend the 10 inch screen - and then gave us a lift to the city centre. MH was ready on time, after Neil collected us from our hotel, the quality of workmanship was excellent and the system itself is first class. The clarity of the images, even in low light levels is superb and the confidence and reassurance gained from the system during driving, manoeuvring and parking is immense. It was an absolute pleasure meeting Neil and Kez - super people to do business with.

Security View
3D Left Turn View
Swift Endeavour
2D Left Turn View

Mitchell Harrison, Omni-Vue™ 3D
& Installation Service

Feb 24

5 Stars

The team at Trailer Vision installed the Omni-Vue™ 360° on our trailer with fantastic results. The team led by Neil quickly setup the 360 camera and explained in detail the benefits and functions of the system. Would highly recommend Trailer Vision to anyone looking into upgrading their camera setup. Thanks!

BJT Race Transporter 6

Philip Littlefield, Omni-Vue™ 3D
& Installation Service

Jan 24

5 Stars

360 camera system fitted, Very professional service. Nice people great product.

Swift 494

Nigel McIntyre, Omni-Vue™ 3D
& Installation Service

Dec 23

5 Stars

I bought the Trailer Vision 360 degree camera system for my motorhome. I opted for the full system with a 7 Inch square monitor fixed in place of a non functioning reversing mirror. I did a lot of research before purchasing and came to the conclusion that Trailer Vision had the best all round package for the price. I was put off by cheaper options from China as they had no back up or proven track record. There was a more expensive option but this was almost twice the price and I could not communicate with the company by phone, so I was unable to establish why it was so much more expensive. I have not had the system long but I am very happy with it and it makes manoeuvring the vehicle a great deal easier.
I found the service and quality of workmanship of an excellent standard and the guys at Trailer Vision are very knowledgable and helpful. I can only recommend them.

Laika Monitor
Laika Side View
Laika Motorhome
Laika2 Motorhome

Chris Coulman, Omni-Vue™ 3D
& Installation Service

Nov 23

5 Stars

I’ve just had the Omni-Vue™ 360 3D Digital HD, Surround View Camera System fitted to my 8.29m Motorhome.
I had it fitted at Trailer Vision in Peterborough.
You always hope that your expectations will be met.
I can say without fear of contradiction that every expectation, in all aspects, has been met and surpassed in every way.
Neil and his team explain the process and choices before you even get there.
Upon arrival, you agree the placement of the cameras and the screen, and if you are staying in a hotel whilst the work is completed, Neil takes you to your hotel.
The system I was having fitted was completed over two days and I was then picked up from my hotel.
The engineer who fitted the system takes you through every element of the installation.
His name is Kes, and within seconds of talking to him, you realise that he takes the greatest pride in his work and is a perfectionist.
There wasn’t a thing that Kes didn’t know about this system, and he answered every one of my questions. Kes also added that I could ring any time if I had more questions or needed help with anything.
He took me through how the cameras were wired and where the wiring is hidden.
I'm fairly confident that Kes was trained at Hogwarts...he's a Wizard.
The system is set up and fully calibrated with multiple options of the views available, and you are ready to go
I could not fathom how the view of the Motorhome from above is achieved, as the view is such that it looks like a drone is permanently flying above your Motorhome continuously filming and showing your position on the road and the proximity to everything around you…’s Wizardry.
When you indicate, the view changes to the side that you are indicating to go, although you can set the system to show whatever camera view you want.
There is also the ‘Quad View’ where you can see all four camera views although this is not intended as a driving view, it’s for when parked as ’security’.
I drove home which took 4 hours.
The camera views were brilliant, and as it went dark, the camera view adapted to the lux levels.
I am incredibly impressed with the view from above.
The system continuously records all four cameras, which in the event of an accident could be crucial evidence in support of an insurance claim…especially when it wasn’t your fault.
This system makes manoeuvring the Motorhome so easy, as the cameras are giving you a 360 degree view of everything around you....and from above.

I must add that the service from Neil and his team, from first contact and throughout, has been world class.
They patiently explained everything about the system and the installation, along with answering every single question I had. I could not have asked for a better experience from start to finish
Whatever system you opt to have installed, I could not recommend Neil and his team to you more highly.
Fantastic product, fantastic team.
My sincere thanks.

Swift Kon-tiki
Monitor 3D Right View
Reversing 3D View

David, Omni-Vue™ 3D
& Installation Service

Oct 23

5 Stars

We had the Camos 360 camera system fitted to our motorhome at the start of the year but didn't want to leave a review until id tested it properly and we could not be happier with it! its changed the whole motor homing experience for us.

When we bought our new motorhome we were both nerve racked when trying to park up or manoeuvring in tight spots as its a large motorhome (Frankia Platin) and a big investment for us. However since getting the system fitted by Camos UK its been so much easier and now we don't stress at all! It been great.

Also it been so reassuring to know it works like a dash cam and a CCTV system! 2 things i never even thought about when buying the system. Its been truly an excellent buy.

The whole team there were great and engineering team were top notch, with their attention to detail being remarkable, my whole system looks like it was fitted in from factory and was designed to be there from the start! I don't think Frankia could have done a better job if they fitted it themselves. It even looks like my motorhome from above.

I looked at other systems that were cheaper but the quality wasn't anywhere near as good and Camos UK are a UK company and have been going for years and i wanted a good level of support if something went wrong, but its been totally reliable in every way. We couldn't have chosen better! 5 stars all the way.

Frankia Oct23.jpg

David Firth, Omni-Vue™ 3D
& Installation Service

Nov 23

5 Stars

Just had an Omni-Vue 360 3D camera system installed in our new Coachman Travel Master 545 motorhome at Camos-UK (Trailer Vision Ltd) near Peterborough.

First class product & first class service from start to finish.

Neil & the team are very friendly, helpful & knowledgable, they take great care with the installation to make sure everything is just how you want it, from the monitor size & positioning, camera positioning, hiding the wiring so you don't know its there, system set up & hand over. Priced very competitively too, great VFM.

I recommend Coachman add this product to their options list for every new motorhome.

Thank you guys, brilliant job!

Coachman Motorhome

Dean Williams, Omni-Vue™ 3D
& Installation Service

Sep 23

5 Stars

The team at Camos did an amazing job, I couldn’t be happier. Smooth installation from start to finish and I was kept well informed throughout the process. I was even given options where available and then given a thorough handover when completed. Fantastic work guys!

Bailey Signature

Sylvia Poynter Smith, Omni-Vue™ 3D & Installation Service 
Jul 23

5 Stars

I have recently had a 360 degree system installed in my new Autosleeper Symbol Plus Motorhome.
What a difference it has made to manoeuvring, parking and driving in congested areas.
The team at Peterborough have been exemplary in supplying and installing the system and it all fits beautifully. They have been a pleasure to deal with.
This system should be fitted as standard by all quality Motorhome manufacturers.

Auto Sleeper 3D

I. Tough, Multi-Vue™ & Installation Service 
June 23

5 Stars

Neil and the team did a great job installing my rear view/reversing camera and even went to great lengths to cure a pre-existing wiring problem.

Highly recommended.

I Toough.jpg

Ashley, Omni-Van™ Calibration Service 
June 23

VW Crafter

Russell, Omni-Vue™  3D HD & Installation Service 
Apr 23

5 Stars

CARTHAGO MOTOR - HOME - 9m long - Trailer Vision (Camos - UK) - This system really is a no brainer - when you are spending £100k to £250k on an A Class Motorhome then spending another £3k on the Full Monty System makes perfect sense & gives you 100% peace of mind when driving a vehicle of the size - with this system you can manoeuvre the vehicle into & out of the tightest spaces with a full 360 degree picture on every angle required - my excess with NFU insurance is £1,750 because I am over the age of 30 years & below 30 years then it’s £4,500 - I decided to go for the full 360 degree 3D recording system with remote access - The Rolls Royce of systems that also gives you a 360 degree 3D Dash Cam for those unexpected situations with a no argument record -

Utilising brand-new 3D technology, Omni-VueTM 3D Digital HD is the ultimate 360° SV system.
• 12/24 Volt
• Keybox included as standard, which enables manual camera selection
• Utilises four metal 720p/WDR cameras
• 185° viewing angle • IP69K
• Views can be tailored to meet customer-specific requirements
• Additional selectable triggered views
• 7" digital monitor included • Option to upgrade to a 10"
digital monitor
• 4 channel recording built-in • Compatible with four-channel
and two-channel DVRs • 30 frames per second

The system fitted took 2 Full Days & it has exceeded my expectations - Kes & Dean (technicians) could not have done a better job of fitting the system - everything was fitted as if it had been a factory fit / option - every wire was hidden perfectly - All I can say is if anyone is looking at having this system fitted then Trailer Vision Ltd (Camos-UK) will exceed your expectations in every way - Service, Fitting & Explanations are second to none - 100% satisfaction 👍👏🙌🇮🇲

Carthago 3D Apr23
Carthago 3D

Charlie George, Digi-Max3™ 2 Cam & Installation Service 
Mar 23

5 Stars

Big thanks to the guys for the installation of the cameras on my enclosed vehicle trailer. Managed to fit me in with short notice and did a brilliant job. Would definitely recommend.

Car Trailer & Max3 March23

Dally IX, Twin Lens & Interior Camera Trailer Installation
Apr 23

5 Stars

5 Star from me, great comms and information from the first contact. Got me in and did an expert job of fitting with short notice! Very happy with the cameras and quality of the products. Would highly recommend to anyone!

BJT Twin

Adam Munro, Omni-Vue™ Calibration Service
Mar 23

5 Stars

Great Service from Neil and the team.
Fast dispatch of the parts to fit myself and calibrated while I waited. Would recommend to all.

BJT 360 Mar 23

John Rabbetts, Omni-Vue™ 3D HD & Installation Service
Feb 23

I'll write a full review later... I'm really pleased with the install.  The drive home was great and it's the first time I've been able to drive the caravan into the back of the property (it's a thin drive with a 90 degree bend half way down which has always been an issue for clearance on the side and the overhang at the back, but with the cameras it really was made easy).


John Boggis, Omni-Vue™  3D HD & Installation Service 
Feb 23

5 Stars

What a fantastic firm and product!
I recently had the Omni-Vue™ 360° Digital HD camera system fitted to my caravan.
I have been towing for over 10 years but with a big car and caravan reversing and manoeuvring were always a 2-person job.
What a difference the camera system makes. Since having it fitted, I have a clear real time view all around the caravan and it has made the whole experience of towing, reversing and manoeuvring completely stress free.
The team at Trailer Vision did a great job, very neat, no mess, with all the wires hidden and the cameras on the outside are very discreet.
I would heartily recommend the Omni-Vue™ 360° Digital HD camera system and Trailer Vision to anyone. Thank you Neil and the team.

Caravan 360 3D Camera System

Daisy Davis, Omni-Vue™  HD & Installation Service 
Feb 23

5 Stars

Great customer service, product has exceeded my expectations. Very friendly, helpful and accomodating. Informative about the product, the options I have, included my opinion throughout the fitting process and talked through everything in detail. Lengthy handover about how everything works the positioning of the cameras and where everything has been placed inside the van. I can't recommend them enough.


Liz Nicklen, Omni-Vue™ 360 & Installation Service 
Jan 23

5 Stars

Thank you so much for last week. It was truly lovely to meet you and your team. 


I am absolutely thrilled with the camera system. It really came into its own with the damaged wing mirror on the way back. I’ve tested getting on and off my drive just relying on the cameras and it has worked brilliantly which fills me with confidence for travelling on my own.


It’s not just the system though, the service and care that you but also the team have provided and the general approach from the company has been truly outstanding. You have completely exceeded my expectations and made the experience quite memorable.  The fact that you build into your time doing train station runs and just being completely sympathetic to the whole travelling in a motorhome thing and even customers bringing their dogs is just stand out and I just cannot recommend you all highly enough.


Kind Regards and all the very best for the future.


R Tipping, Digi-Lite™ Deluxe & Installation Service
Nov 22


My Ford Transit motorhome has a nasty blind spot immediately behind the rear doors. Neil recommended the Digi-Lite deluxe, with a numberplate camera, and a driving mirror mounted screen. The fitting at the company's HQ was very quick and the cable runs are invisible. The result is excellent and overtaking HGVs is now a much safer process. I'm grateful for the advice and expertise, especially as the cost was very reasonable.


Steve Flowerday, Omni-Vue™ 3D HD & Installation Service 
Dec 22

5 Stars

I was originally simply looking to update the low resolution 'next to useless' 17 year old reversing camera on our RV. Thankfully I saw Trailer Vision and this system recommended on a Facebook RV group post. I had no idea that these high definition 3D 360º systems were available. It has totally transformed driving, manoeuvring and reversing for the better. From my very first enquiring phone call Trailer Vision have been such a nice welcoming group of people to work with and the aftersales support is absolutely faultless. I have to thank Kes for the installation work. Not a single wire or trunking on show anywhere. And many thanks to Neil for his patience over the last few weeks helping me to get the layout of different views that I wanted. By way of recommendation I can only say that I am one very satisfied customer.

Daybreak RV

Graham Toombs, Omni-Vue™ 360 & Installation Service 
Oct 22

5 Stars

Neil and his colleague installed the Omni-Vue 360 Digital HD camera system on my new caravan (I actually had 3 cameras installed). I had a similar system installed by Trailer Vision on my previous caravan. Very professional installation, outstanding service and very high quality vision from the new system. Great system, advice, support and guidance from Neil & colleague very professional.

Highly recommended!

Swift 580

K Mullarkey, Omni-Vue™ 3D HD & Installation Service
Sep 22

5 Stars!

Driving my RV on left-hand drive when I first picked it up was a concern and having had a 3-D camera system in my personal car I thought I’d search the market for an aftermarket set up of a similar product I found the search quite difficult until I came across trailer vision Neil from Trailer Vision (Camos-UK) sent me a price back very quickly for many different options with different prices are then gave him a quick call and it was quite clear that this process using Trailer Vision was gonna be one of good service commitment and dedication.

I went for an additional camera on the left-hand side of the vehicle during the fitting Neil sent me some videos and felt that this option was not financially of any benefit it’s so rare to find a company like trailer vision we are giving good value is as important as giving good service I have to say the videos and the photos that they sent me during the installation to make sure they got everything in the right position for me and my expectations was incredible the attention to detail on the installation is even more incredible it’s a long time since I’ve dealt with a company trying to give such service to the customers.

In summary it’s rare to find a company like this still trading in the UK they committed to value for customers quality installations great attention to detail and also a fantastic product that really does what it says on the tin.

Kevin Mullarkey

RV Thor Ace

Dave Mawby, Omni-Vue™ 360 & Installation Service 
Aug 22

5 Stars

I have just had a 360 system fitted to a Woodford enclosed car trailer, the service from Trailer Vision has been excellent, it was fitted by their own in house engineer and his workmanship is very neat, having covered 50 miles returning home using the new cameras, it makes towing so much more enjoyable, it allows direct vision behind the trailer, like a rear view mirror, aswell as side cameras for tighter maneuvers. Highly recommended.

Woodford Trailer 360˚ SV

D Bate, Omni-Vue™ 3D HD & Installation Service
Jul 22

5 Stars!

I 100% recommend Trailer Vision. My experience from initial enquiry to collection of the vehicle after installation of the 360 3D system has been most enjoyable. Customer service, quality of work and the products are second to none, I am more than pleased with the system which even after a short time feels natural to use and definitely is a worthwhile aid to driving.

Burstner Side & Monitor

Dave Hawker, Omni-Van™ 360 / Installation Service
Jul 22

5 Stars

We had a new 360 camera system installed and are extremely happy with the system. We are in the process of converting a new camper and wanted everything to be right. Having this system makes a significant difference towing and manourvering and it now has 24/7 video monitoring.
The team were first class taking great pride in the quality of their work and pulled out all the stops to ensure we were on the road to get back to the West Country.
I cant thank Neil, Kes and the rest of the team enough and recommend Trailer Vision for any camera work required.

TGE Jul22.jpg

Darren Wrigley, Omni-Vue™ 3D HD & Installation Service
Jul 22

5 Stars!

Great company to deal with, we had the 360 camera set up and it makes driving our large motorhome and towing a car transporter a lot safer.

Burstner July 22.jpg

Brian Wingfield, Omni-Vue™ 3D HD
Jun 22

5 Stars

Trailer Vision UK ( CAMOS UK ) Omni-Vue 3D Digital HD

I wished to install a to 360degree birds eye view system on my Mercedes based Hymer motorhome.
Having a career background in electronic control systems I liked the idea of doing the installation myself.
Researching what was available made it obvious that such systems were few and far between especially with support in the UK.
Just by chance while Googling for systems I entered the magic words which led me to Trailer Vision.
The company had experience with camera systems and also had a 360 system with a very good specification.
Their products were obviously aimed at the commercial vehicle side of the market being very robust but equally suited to any vehicle.
Ringing and talking to Neil convinced me that this was the way to go.
He answered all my questions and wasn’t phased by my wanting to do a self install.
He also was upfront with me in saying that a new 3D system was about to be launched and at a very competitive price for such a quality system with UK support.
I placed my order and was very soon the owner of a parcel of components, all I now had to do was fit them to my motor home!
All the components were of the highest quality and consisted of everything needed for the basic installation.

The installation went well but very time consuming.
Once the cables are in place is really just a case of plugging it all together.
The scariest thing to me being the drilling of the holes in pristine body work but I coped!
The final step was to go to Trailer Vision for the calibration, where I met Neil and his team and I could not have wished to meet a nicer bunch.
The end result is amazing and comes up to all my expectations.

Read the brochures, look at the website, what they say is what you get!

Trailer Vision have been very impressive with their speed of response to any queries I have had and leave me with no doubt about ongoing support.

I am exceptionally pleased with the result and have the added pride of knowing that I installed it myself but that’s just me!

Brian Wingfield
June 2022

Hymer Exterior & Monitor 3D HD.jpg

Rich Gregory, Omni-Vue™ 360 3D HD & Installation Service
May 22

DELIGHTED - 5 Stars!

The system is so smart, full of great features and delivers a truly game-changing view of your vehicle from a wide selections of angles. The most impressive is the drone like 3D view from above and in fact most other angles you can imagine. Intelligent features based upon gear and indicator selections all add to safe and more confident driving of my 8 meter motor home, enriched by silky smooth rendering of 360 degree video images with added piece of mind of continuous on-board recording.

Boy is this so easy to use, when you first see it you are overwhelmed by possibilities ...with 10 minutes of driving and letting the system do the work the automated views and intuitive user options just feel second nature.

Finally.... but importantly... the people at Trailer Vision / Camos UK are really impressive, they offer a high end customer experience, super carful and considerate when fitting and clearly know their technical stuff with an uncanny ability to make things really easy to understand || Can't recommend highly enough!

Dethleffs Grand Alpa

Michael Nelsey, Omni-Vue™ 360 / Installation Service
May 22

5 Stars

Neil and the team were brilliant the whole way through the process of getting Omni-Vue™ installed on our campervan! From meeting at a camping show and wanting to learn more about our conversion, to ensuring we selected the right product, install being professional and informative through to after sales support! Can’t thank the team enough as the system has given us that extra control while driving an unfamiliar sized vehicle. System is faultless and really does give you views you wouldn’t think possible.

VW T5 360

Carl Mayes, Omni-Vue™ 360 Digital HD / Installation Service
Apr 22

5 Stars

Had a 360 degree camera system fitted, really helpful and a quality job, would highly recommend!

Liner & Monitor

Les Morris, Omni-Vue™ 3D, 360 Digital HD
& Installation Service

May 22

5 Stars!

Thank you to Neil and Kes the installation engineer from Trailer Vision. A 1st class installation,
all wiring hidden and also fitted the front camera in the grille. Friendly service dropped me off and collected me from the train station when installation was finished. Nothing was too much trouble discussed where cameras, monitor and switches were to be fitted. Everything explained and demonstrated the system a company that goes the extra mile for the customer satisfaction. Really impressed with everything. Cheers to both of you.

Carthago C-Line

'S of Sheffield', Omni-Vue™ 360 Digital HD
& Installation Service

Mar 22

5 Stars!

We love our new Motorhome, but the reversing camera was really poor. After visiting the guys at Trailer Vision, we now have not only a fabulous reversing camera, but rear view vision while we're driving, and a view all round our van, so we have no Blind Spots at all!

Brilliant, efficient, friendly service from really nice guys - Thanks.

MH Mar22.jpg

Anton L, Omni-Vue™ 360 Digital HD / Installation Service
Jan 22

Neil and his team recently installed a 360 camera system to my brand new Motorhome. It was obvious from our initial meeting that Neil really knew his stuff and had a genuine passion for camera systems. He was able to demonstrate all the available options and took his time to explain in detail the pros and cons. He listened carefully to my requirements and proposed an appropriate system for me. What really impressed me was the lack of pressure, no hard sell and I truly felt that Neil had my best interests in mind. I went for a digital HD system with a DVR and it has exceeded my expectations. Neil suggested that I have a switch that allows me to run the system from the leisure battery so I can view the cameras without the ignition on which is a great idea ... even better he installed a connection to my Motorhome TV, so we can view all 4 cameras on the TV for security. Kes did a fantastic job with the installation, it is absolutely seamless, I cannot see any visible cabling, he is a magician! Neil and his team are the perfect blend of good-honest-people, high-tech and craftsmanship. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Adria Coral

'S of Sheffield', Omni-Vue™ 360 Digital HD
& Installation Service

Mar 22

5 Stars!

We love our new Motorhome, but the reversing camera was really poor. After visiting the guys at Trailer Vision, we now have not only a fabulous reversing camera, but rear view vision while we're driving, and a view all round our van, so we have no Blind Spots at all!

Brilliant, efficient, friendly service from really nice guys - Thanks.

MH Mar22.jpg

Mike C, Omni-Vue™ 360 Digital HD / Customer Service
July 21

Great company went above and beyond can't recommend them enough amazing service and great guys.

Winnebago Rear 360

Peter A, Omni-Vue™ 360 Digital HD / Installation Service
Nov 21

To say I was delighted with the install that Kes carried out is an understatement.


The routing choices were spot on and his attention to detail with camera locations and dash modifications was excellent.


I’m really pleased that I made the choice to come to you, and located by the A1M made it easy (once I found it!).


The HD quality on the 7” monitor is great.


Sally N, Customer Service
June 21

Best customer service I've ever come across - 5 Stars.

Jill M, Customer Service
September 20

...thank you for your generous customer service in this regard.  

I remember when I bought my camera, having a lovely conversation with a lady at your company and feeling that customer care was very important to you.   I have recommended your company to many of my ‘horsey’ friends because of this.

Guy M, Omni-Vue™ 360° Digital HD
July 20

We are now 2 days into our trip to Croatia. Drove through the tunnel, stayed overnight outside Calais then ventured down to Metz. 
The system is fabulous. I bought it to help with my reversing thinking this was my primary requirement. To tell you how good it is, I rotated the van on the drive thru 720 deg on my own with the dangerous low surrounding walling etc. Plus, I’ve now used it to park whilst en route. But that belies the real power of the system!!!!
What is really impressive is how it simplifies the drive.
The monitor is in the line of sight so reduces the constant review of the 4 bus mirrors - much easier and more confidence
The ease of change of view allows me to check my position or check obstacles in flight
The auto change on indicator is extremely useful
The indicator change - I indicate anyway on lane change but it means I get a view of cars in the blind spot overtaking me
The positional sense when driving on B roads is hugely enhanced
The driving round towns or on unfamiliar roads is so easy
The turn check (because I can’t see the van pivoting at the back axle) with the birds eye is great.

Morelo Palace

Barry P, Omni-Vue™ 360° Digital HD
July 20

...We fitted the system with your calibration, I think it works better than the system they fit at the Dethleffs factory.

Omni-Vue Digital HD

Annette, Equi-Vue2™
September 20

I wanted to write to compliment you on your excellent Equi-Vue2 camera which I used for the first time at the weekend. Quick delivery, easy to set up and use. A very clear picture which gave me confidence when towing my trailer that my pony was okay. Thanks Annette


Chris, Yard-Vue™
January 19

Hi, just thought that I would drop you an email to say how great the product is!! Easy to install, easy to configure, it just works!! Great product!

Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated.

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Norman and Margaret Lovatt, Digi-Lite™
December 14

We would just like to write to your company to say a big thank you for a superb service and an exceptional product, the Digi-Lite system. Not only were we both extremely impressed with the system that has now been fitted to our caravan, but our recent trip to London was a perfect opportunity to try it out.

It performed exceptionally well and made our journey much safer. This coupled with your great communication, makes us very sure that other caravan owners will make a good choice in using your products.
Please feel free to contact us if you need a caravan owners recommendation, it would be our pleasure.

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Gordon, Digi-View™
December 13

I felt that I must write to say how much I appreciate the excellent service I received from you recently.
My Digi-View camera is now fitted and working. 
It's very good value and very easy to fit. Being digital makes all the difference, no interference. I demonstrated it to a friend who has also purchased one. Keep up the good work.


Gordon, Customer Service
June 12

I just wanted to say thank you for the superb service that I have received from Trailer Vision.

Having no experience of fitting cameras etc, I found the process very straightforward and my Digi-View system is installed in my horse trailer and working just as it should be. I now have far greater peace of mind when travelling with my horses on my own. I would not have found it half so straightforward, however, if it had not been for your detailed advice on the best way to fit it in my trailer and I'm very grateful that you took the time to help. I do not think that there are many companies out there who are willing to give such a high level of service. Your business deserves to go from strength to strength.
Best wishes and thanks again,

Andrea, Customer Service
June 11

Just wanted to say how pleased we are with our new Digi-Nav™ system and the wonderful service received from Neil during and after the purchase.

I can safely say that Trailer Vision went that "extra mile" to keep this customer satisfied!

The product is of the highest quality and easy to use, it gives great peace of mind to be able to see the horses during travel and have a Sat-Nav that won't take you down roads that aren't suitable for a horsebox!

Well Done Trailer Vision, you provide a good old fashioned British Service to be proud of!

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