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Twin Lens Camera System

Our Twin Lens camera system is a traditional design that has been utilised for motorhome applications for many years.


However, we are pleased to be able to provide the same camera with a separate TX (transmitter) to enable the camera to also be utilised on caravans, or trailers.


The relatively compact and stylish camera (black or white case) includes 2 high quality lenses, which produce two views; a 'look-down' view when reversing and a 'look-back' view when travelling forwards.


High quality 1.3MP lens and stainless steel case. The 'look-down' view is displayed/triggered when reversing - trigger connection needs connecting to the reverse light circuit etc.


  • 1.3MP/WDR

  • Stainless steel case

  • ‘Look-down’ view is triggered when reversing

  • Reliable and proven

  • Choice of monitors

Twin Lens Camera System

Out of Stock
    • Twin lens camera
    • 7 inch wireless monitor/7 wired monitor/5 inch wired monitor and accessories (monitor dependant on selection made)
    • Wireless camera trigger cable (if wireless version is selected)
    • Transmitter (if wireless version is selected) 
    • Power connections
    • Extension cable 
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