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Yard-Vue IP security camera
Yard-Vue IP camera
Yard-Vue HD IP Security Camera

Yard-Vue™ is an innovative, colour, HD, IP camera, which can be viewed 'on demand' from anywhere in the world via any smart device (phone or tablet etc) that's 'connected' (mobile phone signal or Wi-Fi) via a FOC App. Yard-Vue™ records images to a built-in SD card and it can also notify mutiple users if the built-in PIR sensor (push notification) is triggered.

Yard-Vue™ only requires the following to operate:

  • Mains Power

  • A Wi-Fi network with internet access

Why Yard-Vue™?


  • Combined camera and recorder

  • Software detection

  • Push notifications

  • Use multiple cameras

  • No sim

  • HD/Sound


  • Live and recorded video

  • Set sensitivity and 'blank' area that should not trigger notifications i.e. trees

  • Real time notifications of movement etc

  • Cover complete sites &/or access gates etc

  • No monthly fees

  • Good quality recorded/viewed video

See Yard-Vue™ In Action

How Yard-Vue™ Works

Yard-Vue™ is a Wi-Fi enabled HD camera with a built-in SD card recorder and movement sensor. Yard-Vue™ 'joins' your local Wi-Fi network and is viewed via a FOC App from your mobile phone etc.


The camera sends push notifications when movement is detected and also records to the built-in SD card (notifications can be switched off). The camera(s) can also be viewed 'live' at any time.

Yard-Vue™ HD IP Security Camera viewed from any smart device
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