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Multi-Vue™ Equestrian

Multi-Vue™ Equestrian is Trailer Vision's brand new solution for the Equestrian market. 


The system includes both a Multi-Vue™ rear-facing camera as well as an interior camera to keep an eye on horses while travelling. 


While driving forward, the system will show drivers a rear 'look-back' view and then switch over to a 'look-down' view when reverse gear is selected. 


Also present at all times is the interior camera view, which shows how horses are faring during travel. 


  • 1.3MP/WDR

  • Option of metal or polycarbonate camera Multi-Vue™ camera

  • ‘Look-down’ view is triggered when reversing

  • Reliable and proven

  • 7 inch monitor option

Multi-Vue™ Equestrian

SKU: A3189
Out of Stock
    • Multi-Vue™ camera
    • Interior camera
    • 7 inch monitor 
    • 18m cable
    • 10m cable 
    • Power connections
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