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Digi-Max4™ succeeds the Digi-Max3™ and brings with it some exciting new functionality. Most notable is the inclusion of a recorder built into the unit itself. 


Compatible with SD cards of up to 128GB, the Digi-Max4™ boasts up to 1311 hours of recordings. This could be useful in a variety of situations, most notably in the case of an insurance claim. 


Like the Digi-Max3™, the video format is high resolution (AHD) and the system utilises digital wireless (DW) technology to ensure that there is no interference. This means that bluetooth and other types of devices can be used at the same time with no worries. 


The system will come with camera(s) that are pre-paired to the monitor, however more cameras can be added at any time and, because the pairing function is semi-automatic (single button press in the monitor's menu), this is a very straightforward process. 


The system includes everything you will need to operate a wireless camera / reversing camera system with a HGV (24V), motorhome, horsebox, car/caravan, or trailer (12V). 

The colour LCD monitor can be used with up to 4 cameras, including a reversing camera. The monitor can also show the images from multiple cameras at the same time (Split-Screen / Quad View etc), as well as manual camera selection. 

Why Digi-Max4™?


  • Digital wireless

  • Recording function that is capable of capturing up to 1311 hours

  • AHD display with a 30fps refresh rate

  • Semi-automatic pairing

  • Automatic reversing camera display

  • Utilise with up to four waterproof IP69K cameras (with IR/night vision)

  • Sound

  • 12V/24V

  • Portable option


  • No video cable between the camera and monitor, 200m range

  • Superior image quality

  • Pairing via the monitor only (no camera pairing button)

  • No need to manually select the reversing camera

  • Utilise a camera for watching horses etc and a camera for reversing

  • Listen to your load, or what's going on behind your vehicle

  • Suitable for all applications

  • Battery pack also available

See Digi-Max3™ In Action

How Digi-Max4™ Works

Digi-Max4™ is a 2.4Ghz digital wireless (DW) camera system; images are transmitted from the camera's built-in transmitter (TX) to the monitor's built-in receiver (RX). DW technology ensures that there is no interference from other wireless devices (Bluetooth etc). 

Trailer Vision offer a choice of different DW technologies, including standalone waterproof RX & TX, which can be utilised with our range of wired camera systems.

Digi-Max3™ Camera


The table below offers an estimate as to how much footage the Digi-Max4™ is capable of capturing.

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