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Digi-Lite Solar™


Solar Powered Reversing Camera
Digi-Lite™ Solar Monitor

Digi-Lite™ Solar is a brand new digital wireless (DW), solar powered, reversing camera system. The system is specifically designed for light vehicles and trailers, including: cars, vans, motor-homes and caravans. It utilises a small camera, which is integrated into the number-plate holder. The camera lens direction/angle can also be adjusted up/down. (It can also be used for hitching). The number plate holder also includes a rechargeable / solar powered battery, meaning that it's easily installed, within minutes, and no wiring!


The monitor can either be mounted on to the vehicles dashboard, air-vent, or windscreen and is powered via a cigarette lighter power adaptor. 

Why Digi-Lite™ Solar?


  • Digital wireless (25 fps)

  • Camera built-in to the number plate surround

  • Camera with built-in rechargeable battery and solar panels

  • No wiring


  • No video cable between the camera and monitor, 20m range

  • Simple and neat installation (no holes drilled through body)

  • No power connection required for camera

  • Suitable for most light vehicle and trailer applications

See Digi-Lite™ Solar Installed In Only 3 Minutes

How Digi-Lite™ Solar Works

Digi-Lite™ Solar is a 2.4Ghz digital wireless (DW) camera system; images are transmitted from the cameras built-in transmitter (TX) to the monitor's built-in receiver (RX). DW technology ensures that there is no interference from other wireless devices (Bluetooth etc).  


The camera is powered via a built-in rechargeable battery, which is recharged via a built-in solar panel (USB charging point also provided). The monitor is powered via a cigarette lighter power adapter. Switching the monitor on switches the camera on, both power off after 40 seconds, to preserve camera battery life; if required the camera can be turned straight back on.

Car reversing camera - solar powered and wireless

Digi-Lite™ Solar Caravan Installation / Use

(Installed with double-sided 'number plate fixing tape')

Large Caravan
Digi-Lite Solar powered wireless reversing camera system for cars and caravans
DW Solar powered caravan reversing camera
Volvo and Caravan
Wireless Solar powered Camera Caravan (small)
Wireless Solar powered Caravan Camera
Large Caravan Monitor
solar powered wireless caravan reversing camera
Caravan reversing camera wireless and solar powered
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