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Digi-Lite™ is a digital wireless (DW) camera system. The system is specifically designed for light vehicles, motor-homes or caravans, as it utilises a small camera, which is integrated into the number-plate holder.


The camera lens direction/angle can also be adjusted. (It can also be used for hitching). The colour, 12V, waterproof, wide-angle lens camera is connected to a separate DW transmitter (80x80x25mm) via a cable and both are connected to the vehicle power supply (reversing light etc). 


The digital, LCD, colour monitor can be used with up to 4 cameras. If used as a reversing system it will automatically switch on when the vehicle is in reverse. The monitor also includes an in-built rechargeable battery, giving maximum flexibility.

Why Digi-Lite™?


  • Digital wireless (20 fps)

  • Camera built-in to the number plate surround

  • Monitor with built-in rechargeable battery

  • 12V


  • No video cable between the camera and monitor, 200m range

  • Simple and neat installation (no holes drilled through body)

  • No trailing power cable

  • Suitable for most trailer applications

See Digi-Lite™ In Action

How Digi-Lite™ Works

Digi-Lite™ is a 2.4Ghz digital wireless (DW) camera system; images are transmitted from the the transmitter (TX) to the monitor's built-in receiver (RX). DW technology ensures that there is no interference from other wireless devices (Bluetooth etc). 

Trailer Vision offer a choice of different DW technologies, including standalone waterproof RX & TX, which can be utilised with our range of wired camera systems.

Digi-Lite number plate camera
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