Which Products Do I Need?

Our comprehensive range of safety systems help prevent collisions by eliminating blind-spots and providing timely warnings. Additionally, they ensure a more relaxed driving experience. To help you select the best solutions for your vehicle we have highlighted our recommended systems. 

Systems have been organised by levels – level 1 being the minimum recommended safety level and level 3 achieving the ultimate safety specification.
Select a level (below) to choose the products best suited for your application.

Tractor Camera Systems


Level 1

Our entry level safety equipment. 

Standard Systems

Level 2


Greater spec than entry level systems with more features. 

Advanced Systems

Level 3

The ultimate in safety equipment. 

Entry Level

GP Wired Camera System

Level 1


7 inch plastic, or metal/waterproof monitor

Utilise with up to four IP69K cameras

2 year warranty



Agri-Vue™ Digital Wireless Camera System

Level 1


7 inch monitor with built-in RX and split-screen view

Semi-Automatic pairing (via the monitor only)

No interference - 200m range

Standard Systems


Digi-Max3™ Digital Wireless Camera System

Level 2


7 inch monitor with built-in RX

Utilise with up to 4 DW cameras with built-in TX

No interference - 200m range

Standard (OEM Spec) Systems

Level 2


5 inch, or 7 inch metal/waterproof monitor , or plastic with 'touch' buttons

Utilise up to four 1.3MP/WDR IP69K cameras and a suzy kit for trailer use

3 year warranty

Advanced Systems


Site-Safe™ Optical Detection System

Level 3


Utilises four 1.3MP/WDR cameras to deliver 360˚ surround view (or 3 cameras, for 270˚)

Plastic or metal/waterproof 7 inch monitor

Audible and visible warnings of approaching workers etc

Omni-Plant™ 360 Digital HD Surround View Camera System

Level 3


720p Digital HD surround-view (360˚, or 270˚ with 3 cameras)

No blind spots

Utilise with a DVR for all round recording

Trailer Vision

Your Safety, Our Priority