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Building on the success of the original Digi-View™ , the brand new Digi-View2™ provides a new solution to customers who would like to keep an eye on their horses while travelling.


Featuring proven digital technology, Digi-View2™ includes everything you need to operate

a wireless camera system on a range of vehicles, whether that be a HGV, horsebox, motorhome, trailer, caravan or car. 


Because the system utilises digital technology, it can be used at the same time as Bluetooth devices or wireless networks and will remain free from interference. The colour LCD monitor can be used with up to 2 cameras. 


A popular configuration is for one camera to be installed in the horse area, with another camera on the back of the vehicle or trailer used as a reversing aid. 


Features and Benefits


  • Free from interference
  • Utilise up to two cameras
  • Split screen functionality
  • Reversing grid guide on screen
  • Weather-resistant cameras


    • Digital Wireless Wide Angle (120 degree) Lens Waterproof Camera (with Night Vision).
    • Digital Wireless 4.2 inch Colour LCD Monitor, in black 
    • Windscreen mount for LCD monitor
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