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Omni-Vue™ 360º Digital HD (2D & 3D)

(This setup is wired and suitable for campers, motorhomes and RVs. For the version of the system that is suitable for trailers, car transporters, caravans and Fifth Wheels, please go here).


The ultimate surround view camera systems and the first of its kind in the UK, Omni-Vue™ 360º Digital HD represents the next generational leap for 360 degree surround view camera systems (AKA 'birds-eye' camera systems). 

Digital HD cameras (720p/WDR) provide superior resolution footage in all light conditions, ensuring that drivers/operators have an unsurpassed view and all blind spots are eliminated. 


2D & 3D systems are now available and the 3D version includes a built-in 4CH recorder, as well as all of the 2D system views.

Additionally, a 2CH or 4CH DVR (recorder) can be added to the systems for complete peace of mind  and prevention of false claims etc. The 2CH DVR would record the front camera (like a 'dash cam') and the monitor view (all 4 cameras). A 4CH DVR would record all 4 cameras in full. DVRs can be added at any time. Please note, as the 3D system includes recording the only reason to purchase a separate DVR would be for remote access (the DVRs can be purchased with a 'Connectivity Pack').


Please Note


The system must be calibrated to the vehicle/trailer etc once installed. This can be done in the following ways: 


  • Our installers can complete the calibration
  • You can travel to Trailer Vision (PE7 3WL) and have us calibrate the system for you (small charge)
  • You can purchase/loan a Calibration Kit so that we can complete the calibration via email, the cost of which is refundable upon its return to us


Please contact us on 01733 246473 for further details. 

Omni-Vue™ 360º Digital HD (2D & 3D)

    • 7 inch OR 10 inch Monitor 
    • 4 x digital HD (720p) Cameras
    • Electronic Control Unit
    • 1 x 5m camera extension cable
    • 2 x 10m camera extension cables
    • 1 x 18m camera extension cable
    • All power connections needed
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