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Digi-Lite™ Deluxe System

Exclusive to Trailer Vision, this vehicle based Digital Wireless (DW) camera system / reversing camera system features the very latest technology. The system being DW enables it to be used at the same time as Bluetooth devices etc, interference free.


The system is specifically designed for light vehicles, motor-homes or caravans, as it utilises a small camera, which is integrated into the number-plate holder. The camera lens direction/angle can also be adjusted vertically. (It can also be used for hitching).


The colour, 12V, waterproof, wide-angle lens camera is connected to the external DW transmitter (80x80x25mm) via a cable and both are connected to the vehicle power supply (number plate light, or reversing light etc). 


The Deluxe version of Digi-Lite™ utilises a 7 inch mirror-mounted monitor for viewing and a separate  receiver, which can be tucked away somewhere discrete (in the glovebox etc).

Digi-Lite™ Deluxe System

SKU: A1033
    • Wide Angle Lens (170 degree) Waterproof (12V) Camera & integrated Number-Plate holder
    • Digital Wireless transmitter and camera connections (12V)
    • Digital Wireless receiver
    • 7 inch mirror-mounted monitor
    • Vehicle power supply for monitor
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