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Why choose Trailer Vision™?

Trailer Vision™ Ltd specialise in supplying a range of unique, interference free, digital wireless camera / reversing camera systems suitable for all vehicle applications. The latest digital technology ensures that there is no interference from other wireless systems such as Bluetooth phones, 2-way radios, hands-free kits or other analogue, or digital wireless camera systems.

Our reversing camera systems can be used with motorhomes, horseboxes, commercial vehicles, caravans and trailers. Additionally, systems can be utilised to keep an eye on your horse, livestock or load.

Trailer Vision™ reversing camera systems ensure maximum visibility and safety when reversing any type of vehicle or trailer.
Trailer Vision™ high performance camera systems are typically fitted in less than 15 minutes with no special tools or training required, ensuring that vehicles are back on the road quickly and with minimum fuss.

Trailer Vision™ systems provide peace of mind, reducing accidents, injuries and damage to vehicles, equipment and buildings.
All systems comply with Health & Safety, site access and local Risk Assessment requirements.

We are an independent UK company providing unique, cutting-edge wireless reversing camera systems. Additionally, our digital wireless camera systems have been developed to our specifications, to be practical, durable and easy to install.


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