'Home and Away' Bundle

Keep an eye on your horse whether you are at home, travelling or on the other side of the world! 


Our brand new 'home and away bundle comes with a complete Equi-Vue2™ set and a complete Yard-Vue™ kit. 


About Equi-Vue2™


Equi-Vue2™ is specifically designed for the Equestrian Market. The camera uses its own Wi-Fi module to transmit video images straight to your SMART phone or tablet.


Don't worry about whether your location has a signal because Equi-Vue2™ uses its own Wi-Fi module to transmit the video images, so you will always be able to check that your horse(s) is safe.


Not only will you be able to view your horse while travelling, but also at up to 15m distane.




  • Could also be used as a 'Hitching Camera' (please note that smart devices may buffer the camera/video signal and may interrupt it to receive a call/message etc so please take care if utilising the camera for hitching)
  • Camera uses own Wi-Fi module to transmit images wirelessly (no phone signal required & no monthly charges/Sim)
  • Transmission range 15m+ (suitable for any horsebox or horse trailer)
  • Video can be viewed via any Wi-Fi enabled smartphone or tablet (with a FOC App)
  • Built-in battery (6 hours use - recharged via supplied USB lead - so can be re-charged at destination, if journey was longer than 3 hours etc)
  • Built-in mag-mount
  • Waterproof
  • IR (Night Vision)
  • Wide-Angle lens ('normal view' - not mirror image)
  • Save photo's or videos, via the App, to your phone/tablet


Its very easy to fit as it includes a built-in mag-mount & built-in battery. It can also be wall mounted using the supplied velcro fixing (if there's no suitable metal-work).


Please Note: We test Equi-Vue2™ with both Apple & Android devices, however, we do not have access to every type of phone/operating system. In the the unlikely event that the camera/App is not compatible with your particular phone then a full refund will be provided (once the camera is returned). If you later upgrade to a different phone that is not compatible then we will only be able to provide a partial refund (depending on the age/condition of the returned camera).


Please also note that Equi-Vue2™ Apps are not compatible with:


- Samsung Galaxy A3/S9/S10

- Sony Experia 10

- Other phones that we are not aware of (unfortunately we are unable to test every phone, but regularly update this list)

However, if you are using any of these phones listed above as your main phone… you could use any other “old” phone, with Wi-Fi, for Equi-Vue2™…and please note that no SIM is required. Additionally, changing the phones settings may resolve any issues; the phone may inadvertently try to utilise the Equi-Vue2™ wi-fi network to access the internet etc.


About Yard-Vue™


Yard-Vue™ is an innovative, colour, HD, IP camera, which can be viewed 'on demand' from anywhere in the world via any smart device (phone or tablet etc) that's 'connected' (mobile phone signal or Wi-Fi) via a free-of-charge App. Yard-Vue™ records images to a built-in SD card and it can also notify mutiple users if the built-in PIR sensor (push notification) is triggered.


Yard-Vue™ requires the following to operate:

  • Mains Power
  • Wi-Fi network with internet access
  • a Wi-Fi network* with internet access

'Home and Away' Bundle

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