Agri-Vue™ System

Agri-Vue™ is a brand new digital wireless (DW) camera system, which features the very latest technology, with improved frame rates, resolution and many additional features (see below) including semi-automatic pairing and split-screen.


The system includes everything you will need to operate a wireless camera / (&/or reversing camera) system with any type of vehicle or machinery (12V/24V). The system incorporates the latest digital technology, ensuring that it can be used at the same time as Bluetooth devices, or wireless networks, interference free.


The colour LCD monitor can be used with 1 or 2 cameras at a time, including a reversing camera. The monitor can display an individual camera, or 2 cameras at the same time 'split-screen'.


New Features

  • Semi-Automatic Pairing (no camera pairing button - pairing via the Monitor only - quick/easy pairing of multiple cameras)
  • Split-Screen view (2 cameras)
  • The monitor can be powered directly from 12-24V (hard-wire adapter & cigarette lighter power adapter included)
  • The monitor includes a removable aerial 
  • The waterproof, IP68, camera includes a microphone (12V/24V)
  • The Monitor can display the camera with/without guide-lines (full screen only)

Agri-Vue™ System

SKU: A3403
    • Digital Wireless Wide Angle Lens Waterproof Camera / Reversing Camera (with Night Vision).
    • Digital Wireless 7 inch Colour LCD Monitor (12V/24V).
    • Windscreen & Dashboard mount for LCD monitor.
    • Camera mount & power cable (camera mag-mount available seperately).
    • Vehicle power supply for monitor (cigarette lighter adaptor & hard-wire adapter).