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DVS, not just for London?

Originally intending to install Cycle-Safe™ exclusively on to vehicles requiring a Safety Permit, Simon Chamberlain, MD of Chamberlain Transport Ltd, was so impressed with Cycle-Safe™ that his company decided to install fleet-wide.

“We planned to only utilise Cycle-Safe™ for vehicles that required Safety Permits, however, once our drivers and a usually very hard to please Director used the system, they found it a real benefit and were very impressed!” Additionally, Simon made the following interesting and valid comment: “I’m finding it difficult to justify to myself not installing Cycle-Safe™ on our trucks that operate in other towns and cities throughout the UK."

Cycle-Safe™ is a 'smart' optical detection system that can differentiate between moving (VRUs) and stationary objects (street furniture etc), unlike 'dumb' ultrasonic systems that are proven to have high false alarm rates. Cycle-Safe™ meets the 'recommended' DVS criteria and unlike ultrasonic sensors is 'future proof' (upcoming TfL Safe System Review etc).

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