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Omni-Plant™ 360° Digital HD


The ultimate surround view (SV) camera system and the first of its kind in the UK, Omni-Plant™ 360º Digital HD represents the next generational leap for SV camera systems. 

Digital HD cameras (720p/WDR) provide superior resolution footage in all light conditions, ensuring that operators have an unsurpassed view and all blind spots are eliminated. 

Omni-Plant™ 360º Digital HD is SKANSA / CLOCS site etc compliant and it can also be supplied as a lower cost 3 camera system (270˚ calibration).

For those wishing to utilise a SV system for combating false claims, a Digital HD DVR is also available and being waterproof it's ideal for plant/machine applications (a UK first!).

360 Digital HD camera system for excavators and all plant/machines SKANSKA compliant

Why Omni-Plant™ 3D HD?


  • Surround View in a single view (or split screen 50:50, with a single camera view i.e. right or rear camera etc)

  • Four Digital HD WDR cameras with ultra-wide angle lenses

  • Choice of plastic Digital HD, or metal/waterproof monitors

  • Real-time 360º view

  • Next generation Digital ECU

  • On-site calibration (or vis email for self-installation)

  • Configurable 'look-down' view

  • Configurable individual camera views

  • Bespoke machine Top View graphic (see below)


  • Reduced operator workload and improved safety; attain site access / compliancy

  • Eliminates all blind spots, superior resolution in all light conditions

  • Suitable for all applications, with or without a cab

  • Fast and smooth image display

  • No frozen images, only real-time views displayed on the monitor

  • No installation delays or requirements for a specialist workshop

  • The area displayed around the machinecan be tailored to the operational environment 

  • Suitable for installation on any size/type of machine

  • Recognisable vehicle displayed on the monitor

Wheel Loader Top View Graphic .png
Excavator Top View Graphic .jpg
fork lift top view graphic .jpg
Roller Top View Graphic .jpg

See Omni-Vue™ 360° Digital HD

In Action (Truck version of Omni-Plant™ - 30:70 split-screen)

How Omni-Plant™ 360° Digital HD Works

Omni-Plant™ 360º Digital HD is an intelligent camera monitor system that utilises four ultra-wide angle Digital HD cameras and an ECU (Electronic Control Unit).


The ECU seamlessly blends the four (or three) camera images together in order to present the operator with an easy to interpret view of the machines surroundings, eliminating all blind spots. 

Trailer Vision offer a range of 360º surround view technologies, all of which are calibrated to the machine. This ensures that the operator has a seamless view around the machine as well as a more detailed individual camera view (chosen by the operator).

Shovel 3D Graphic NB
Left View

Installation and Calibration

Omni-Plant™ 360° Digital HD can be installed on any type or size of machine. Full installation instructions are provided and systems are calibrated via email. Alternatively, we can arrange installation at your location.

Once installed, systems are calibrated and a choice of default views are set, ensuring that the system can be configurable to meet the operators requirements. 

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