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Caravan Blind Spot System



The Caravan Blind Spot System has been developed for the leisure market in particular, specifically to provide drivers with extra peace of mind when towing. 


The system comes with two digital wireless side view cameras, a 7 inch monitor (with built-in receiver), a bespoke suzy cable extension to power the cameras and everything else needed to quickly and easily install the system when towing. 


Not only are the cameras installed without drilling any holes, they can also be easily removed when not required. This is because they are mounted using either a magnetic mount or an awning rail clamp/stopper. 


This portability extends to the included 7 inch digital wireless monitor also, which is powered via the tow vehicle's 12V cigarette lighter socket and mounted to the windscreen with a suction mount (a dashboard mount is also available).


There is also the option to add a digital wireless rear view camera, although installing this is slightly more involved, as the camera needs to be fixed and requires a 12V power supply (rear lights etc). 

Why Buy The Caravan Blind Spot System?


  • Digital wireless

  • Install in minutes

  • Infrared LEDs/night vision cameras

  • IP67 cameras

  • 30fps refresh rate

  • Split screen functionality 

  • Optional rear view camera available as add on 


  • No video cable between the camera and monitor, 200m range

  • Superior image quality

  • No drilling*

  • Install in minutes

  • Portable

*Does not apply to rear view camera​

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How The Caravan Blind Spot System Works

Cameras are powered from the tow vehicle 'tow pack' via an additional (supplied) 'suzy extension cable'. The cameras are DW (digital wireless) and transmit the images to the system monitor, which is powered via the tow vehicles Cigarette Lighter socket (12V).

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