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I wanted to write to compliment you on your excellent Equi-Vue2 camera which I used for the first time at the weekend. Quick delivery, easy to set up...


FORS Silver / CLOCS & Direct Vision Standard (DVS) Camera Systems

The following, high quality/specification, cameras and monitors can be combined to produce the ideal system, whether for safety or FORS, CLOCS and Direct Vision Standard (DVS) compliancy, or to meet other operational requirements. Examples of our high quaility/specification systems are detailed below:

1. FORS Silver / CLOCS / DVS Compliant System*  - £875

Monitor (7"), Side View Camera, Rear View Camera, Turning Warning Alarm, Reversing Alarm, Ultrasonic Sensors & Cables

2. FORS Silver / CLOCS / DVS Compliant System with RADAR* - £TBC (RADAR available late 2019)

Monitor (7"), Side View Camera, Rear View Camera, Turning Warning Alarm, Reversing Alarm, RADAR Sensor & Cables

*For rigid bodied vehicles only, for Tractor/Trailers, additional Suzy or DW 'Auto Pairing' Modules will be required for the trailer/reversing camera.

Optional Recording

System 1 (above) with 2CH DVR - £1095

System 1 (above) with 4 cameras & 4CH DVR - £1795

Please Contact Us for an individual 'price matched' quote (like for like equipment specification).

FORS Requirements (V5, from Jan19: S6)

(Please 'click' below for further details):

Direct Vision Standard (DVS)

From 26 Oct 20, all '0-Star' vehicles over 12T will be banned from Greater London (LEZ) unless a 'Safe System' is installed & a 'HGV Safety Permit' attained.

The 'Safe System' is to include: blind spot elimination and minimisation, for example: a fully operational camera monitoring system; Class V and VI mirrors; and a sensor system with driver alerts. Warning of intended manoeuvre, for example: audible left-turn vehicle manoeuvring warning and external pictorial stickers and markings. Minimising physical impact of a hazard, for example: side-underrun protection.

For further information please click here.


Installation can be completed anywhere in the UK, whether your company operates 1, 100+ or 1000+ vehicles; installation teams are qualified and all work is guaranteed. SLA's and training, if required, is also available, please contact us for further details. 


- tippers / aggregate transporters / bulk transporters / mixers
- refuse vehicles

- excavators / plant
- ambulances / fire engines / emergency service vehicles
- home delivery vehicles / delivery vehicles (rigid body or tractor-trailer)
- road sweepers / gritters
- coaches / buses / horseboxes / motorhomes

volvo HGV side & front CA-180 Camera volvo dash with 7" Pro Monitor & DR-400

360 Degree 'Surround View' Camera System

For the ultimate camera system that eliminates all vehicle blind-spots, please see Omni-Vuea 'cyclist friendly' 360 degree 'surround view' camera system:

omni-vue, omni-vue 360 degree camera system, look-down camera system. birds eye view camera system


When 4 ultra-wide-angle lens cameras are utilised with the DVR (DR-400N), all 4 camera 'full' images are recorded, as below, ensuring that no potential 'evidence' is missing, guaranteed no blind-spots:

(2 camera 'overlap', check time '39 sec', of front & side, rear & side '38 sec' - camera lenses still need to be cleaned!).

dvromni-vue side cameraomni-vue 360 degree camera system rear camera360 camera system