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I wanted to write to compliment you on your excellent Equi-Vue2 camera which I used for the first time at the weekend. Quick delivery, easy to set up...



Market leading camera systems for horseboxes and horse-trailers. Trailer Vision™ supply cutting-edge, vehicle based, camera systems; whether you require the latest 360 degree 'look-down' system, an on board camera, a 'simple' reversing camera system or a camera to utilise with your smart-phone/tablet, we can help.

Trailer Vision™ were the first UK company to develop wireless camera systems for horse trailers. Now we bring you the very latest digital wireless (DW) technology, which will not suffer interference from other wireless devices such as Bluetooth headsets, mobile phones, or wireless internet. Our guarantee to you is simple “no interference or your money back!”.

We also supply a unique and innovative range of wired camera systems, including Omni-Vue™ a 360 degree 'look-down' system:

horsebox 360 degree camera system horsebox look-down camera system horsebox birdseye camera system 360 degree horsebox camera system
omni-vue 360 degree hirsebox 4 camera 360 system look-down camera system 360 look-down camera system for horsebox
3.5T horsebox 360 degree camera system horse area camera horsebox look-down camera system small horsebox 360 camera system

Omni-Vue™ can be supplied with either a standard 7" monitor or a combined Sat-Nav/Radio (DIN or double DIN unit), as well as a horse area camera.

Our range of unique digital wireless camera systems are extremely quick and easy to fit, whether to a horsebox or trailer. We understand that your cargo is precious, that being able to quickly and easily check that your horse is safe means that your journey will be less stressful. Our camera systems also enable you to adjust your speed, or driving style to suit the needs of your horses and ensure that they arrive in the best possible condition. Digital wireless reversing cameras and hitching cameras are also available and can be easily added later, whether to a horsebox, trailer or car/4x4.

Trailer Vision™ are the premier supplier of unique, high quality, digital wireless camera systems and directly supply many horsebox and trailer manufacturers. Trailer Vision™, a brand that you can depend upon. (Gallery Here).


Featured Products

Digi-Max2 Digital Wireless Camera System Equi-Vue2™ Digi-View™
Digi-Max2™ Equi-Vue2 Digi-View


(Digi-Max2™ now provides better image resolution/frame rates, than Digi-Max™, and a 'trigger' connection for automatic rear-view camera display).

Equi-Vue2™ now includes a built-in battery & Mag-Mount.

Digital Wireless Product Features 

 Features: Colour, night vision, zero interference, wireless, weatherproof, free delivery